We are asking everyone we know to get involved… to be part of the solution to a problem that touches all of us.

Over 120 Million North Americans suffer from chronic pain.

Narcotic abuse and opioid-related deaths are at an all time high.

Everyone is touched by pain and addiction in some way.

NARCOTICA – Breaking Free” is a private, full-length educational and inspiring documentary coming together to address this. We have partnered with the US Pain Foundation (a U.S. 501(c) charitable foundation, and the largest pain patient advocacy group in the world) to assist in bringing this message to pain patients in the US, Canada, and internationally. Our goal is to make our documentary widely available to everyone.

Our focus is to bring critical awareness to the plight of pain sufferers and the paths many have taken to break free from dangerous doses of narcotic pain killers. We are highlighting immediately accessible medical therapies and non-conventional treatments/methods that are successfully being used globally to help patients reduce their physical & emotional/spiritual suffering, while also regaining their independence and quality of life.

How to help:


Please shout out for us in any way you can. We are asking you to share our trailer and project news with friends/family, employers, union, insurance plan, local media, regional and federal government and health ministries, and your healthcare providers.

We are currently raising funding (private and agency donations are welcome to support our mission and work) and seeking great conversations/stories which could be included in the documentary.

Visit: www.ABetterWorldFilms.org to learn more and GET INVOLVED!


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